Is there any benefit to reviewing on Amazon?

Reviewing on Amazon

Amazon is the largest online retail shop around the world. Amazon seller sells products by using its platform. They have to follow strict guidelines to follow. Be careful to maintain all sorts of rules and regulations. A business will lose the biggest opportunity if you fail to follow the instructions. Surely, Amazon reviews are the most beneficiary things for your site. Thereby it will help you to go a long way for your reputation. However, you must follow all rules to maintain everything. Amazon’s terms of service apply to all sellers.

Most importantly, you must save the seller account. In case of violation of terms of service, your account will fall in danger. It is easy to lose your account like suspension. By the end of the article, you will know every single detail policy inside and out. Therefore, be safe and never put your business at risk. Let’s know more about reviewing on amazon.

What is an Amazon Seller to Do?

As a seller, you get reports when Amazon takes disciplinary action. Thus, we suggest you become alert before getting punishment. Have a clear eye on every condition given by them. If you use excessive reviews for your products, it looks suspect. They can delete reviews as per policies. Amazon keeps a close look at your suspicious activity. They care always customer willingness to post reviews and ratings on any products.

Customer’s appreciation and words add value to them. 100% trustworthy and reliability from a customer shopping is essential. Why are authentic reviews so important for Amazon? The reason lies in trust. Real information of products user gives a review of reader confidence. There is doubt; good reviews help the new customer to buy your products.

How to become trustworthy seller? 

A potential customer will subconsciously believe your true information. Different things can also happen if the reviews are a misleading and lucrative advertisement. Recently there is the random increase of abusive reviews. The customer has fallen in real trouble only because of unreal fake reviews. We are sorry to say it happens with the manipulation by Amazon sellers. Once a customer gets the, they become less have interest in online reviews. If you dive into the deep sea of the black market of reviews, you will be astonished.

Interestingly you will find it from a fake spot. Particularly this site is the reference to find the limit of the legitimacy of reviews. Now you realize why Amazon takes strict rules on product reviews. The customer easily runs away from your page if they find something fishy.

For this reason, Amazon does not want to lose any customer from their platform. All you need to do is to provide quality products. After that, encourage your valued customer to provide honest reviews. Maybe you have thought it so hard before. An honest review helps your customer to grow. New customers get influence after learning from another consumer opinion.

Therefore we see, Amazon product review made these policies for better service of its respected customer. Consumer honest reviews are crucial. Fake, incentivized and manipulated is not allowed in any circumstances. Why Amazon ban any Seller? There is some reason behind the ban issue from amazon

Let us see how people are banned from Amazon

Any seller wants to incentivized reviews undoubtedly they will receive termination from Amazon. Therefore, what does it mean to incentivize a review writer? A person who has a high discount rate on a specific product abruptly. That person will write well for you—a free offer for products to a customer. More or less, it could be like implied reviews.

Apart from that, your near and dear one’s reviews seem to be incentivized reviews. Surprisingly enough, Amazon follows your activities. Initially, many sellers want to get the first product feedback from relatives and cousins. Unfortunately, it against terms of service from Amazon’s point of view. So, never take such a risk. Always follow Amazon’s review guidelines. How to find incentivized reviews? Nothing is free in the world. Therefore, you will not get anything as free.

For the same reason, when you will get a gift card and an abnormal discount, it seems suspicious.
On the other hand, if a seller offers abundant benefits for writing review. It indicates incentivized reviews. Remember these kinds of fake reviews surely violates policies.

Nevertheless, what you can do is to offer reasonable discounts for all customers like Lightning Deals. You can give the free product as a gift at any tread show. Since there, you are not capable of identifying where the customer is writing reviews or not. By the way, it can be great for your product promotion among many. Community Guidelines, in other words, Amazon guidelines made us clear about fake reviews. Still, if you do not heed the policy, you are supposed to terminate seller central account. 

Common question Asked by Sellers 

Even after being a good seller, you have unsolved questions in your mind. We are not certain to know the actual reason behind it. Now we will see some valid question asked by many sellers but still not answered. 

Is it allowed for a seller to use discount platform where the customer is not bound for writing reviews? 

Some review clubs have an obligatory option for reviews. After amazon review update guidelines they are doing so.Now the question arises, will the seller be able to use it or not?

 Is it permissible to provide discount code in any social media or anywhere? Is it possible to write reviews for a discounted product? If so, what measures amazon will take?


To sum up, the seller is highly unsatisfied since there are some uncertain things. For the product is promoting reviews works as a weapon. Amazon has no clear guideline for violation of rules. Do not spend money on the cheap service provider to get reviews. It would help if you always went for the expert review service provider. Because only they know how to deal with authentic reviews can make your business going.

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