How Do You Get 5 Star Reviews on Google?

How Do You Get 5 Star Reviews on Google

Reviews are now more important than ever. If you want more customers and sales, reviews play a big role. Google is a very popular place where millions of people search for businesses.

Having 5-star reviews on Google is crucial for a well-performing business. Having said that, not everyone knows how to get 5 star reviews on Google. That is what we are answering with this article.

This article will teach you how do you get 5 star reviews on Google. We also take a deep dive into what is Google My Business and many more aspects of online reviews. So, buckle up!

Google My Business: Your Business’ Hub on Google 

What do most people do when they want to know more about a company or a product? Chances are they search on Google. They look at the reviews, browse through some pictures and maybe even visit their website. 

Google’s My Business feature is how you control the way your business appears on search and Google maps. It lets you manage reviews and also your brand on the search engine. That is why Google My Business is so important. 

Google My Business Benefits and Features 

As mentioned before, this feature allows you to do more than just list your business. Here are a couple of top features that Google My Business Has:

  • Easy to connect with customers

You can easily connect with customers.  Customers can leave a review on your page and even book services. From there you can respond to reviews and engage your customers. Google My Business reviews can help to create a more personal brand.

  • Easy for customers to connect with you

Customers can easily connect with your business as well. They can call, leave message or even visit your website. 

  • Feature products and post pictures

If you have something new and exciting to share with the world, you can also do that. You can showcase your top products or services for millions to view.

  • Get priceless customer insight 

Perhaps one of the most important features. Google My Business lets you know more about your customers. You can know metrics such as what ways your customers like to get in touch and many more. You can even share an offer right from here.

All that is pretty cool, but how do you get more reviews for your business? That is the goal question, isn’t it? Do you even need to care about reviews? Do they matter?

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Good Reviews Brings You More Sales

Reviews for a business can make or break them. They are one of the primary ways a customer purchase decision. A Google 5-star rating creates a significant impact on your business.  

Positive Review Advantages:

  • Creates trust in the brand
  • Drives more sales
  • Increases conversions 
  • Increases local SEO

How Do You Get 5 Star Reviews on Google?

Getting 5-star reviews on Google requires a clear and effective strategy. Many face problems with getting authentic Google reviews. However, if you implement a proper plan you will be getting more 5-star reviews in no time. 

How do you get 5-star reviews on Google then? Here is how.

  • Asking goes a long way

A simple and effective way to get more reviews can be just by asking for a review. After a transaction is done and you know the customers have had a good experience, ask the customer to leave a review.

You may also choose to do follow-ups if customers have not reviewed your business yet. This will increase your chances of reviews by quite a lot and without really costing much.

Train your staff to naturally and politely ask customers about their experience and request them for a review.

  • Utilize Mailing lists

E-mail marketing is in! Not only can you promote your new products, but you can also ask customers to leave a review in the mail as well. It is effective and easy to implement. 

  • Offer incentives

Offering incentives can greatly increase the number of Google 5-star ratings. You can create demands for your product by giving promotions and discounts all while increasing sales and reviews. However, try not to offer incentives for reviews all too often. Overdoing it might cause harm. Balance is key here.

  • Great products demand reviews

This should be a no-brainer. People want to share and talk about good experiences and good products. If your products are top class, customers will naturally leave a 5-star review for your product. 

This helps you in two ways. Not only do you get a good review, your products and services also come in the spotlight. Good reviews create a snowball effect. The more good reviews you have the more people start trusting your brand. Thus, the more your sales increase. 

  • Utilize multiple channels

Why pursue better reviews only through Google? A multichannel approach will increase your chances of getting more 5-star reviews. Text messages, in-store requests, Facebook can all be great ways to reach your customers for reviews. 

  • Hire a review provider for well-written reviews

Another way you can make sure you get quality 5-star reviews on Google is to hire a review provider. There are organizations like that offer well-written reviews that can drive up traffic and get you more sales.


Google reviews, well any reviews are very important in creating a successful brand. Customers now are more risk averse than ever and want to be assured their purchase is low risk. 

A positive review is one of the key factors that achieve that. The ways mentioned above are easy and surefire ways to get 5-star Google reviews. 

Keep in mind to respond to customer reviews. Even negative ones. Yes, negative reviews if handles the right way can be a positive thing. Keep the customer engaged and your business will grow.

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